The Standish Selection Vintage 2021 by CB Weinahndel
The Standish Wine Company - The Selection Vintage 2021 by CB Weinhandel

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The Standish Wine Company - The Selection Vintage 2021 by CB Weinhandel

2-5 Werktage 2-5 Werktage  (Ausland abweichend)
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Barossa Valley & Eden Valley
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Zalto Denkart Bordeaux | Zalto Denkart Universal
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enthält Sulfite
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The Standish Winery319 Kalimna RoadLight PassSouth Australia 5355
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138,67 EUR pro l

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The Standish Selection Vintage 2019 by CB Weinahndel
Die Standish Weine sind limitiert.

Diese Kollektion besteht aus 4 Flaschen:

0.75L | 14.90 Vol% Alk.
The Standish Shiraz 2019
0.75L | 14.90 Vol% Alk. The Relic Shiraz-Viognier 2019
0.75L | 14.90 Vol% Alk. The Schubert Theorem Shiraz 2019
0.75L | 14.90 Vol% Alk. The Lamella Shiraz 2019

The Standish 2019 Single Vineyard Shiraz Barossa Valley mit 98 Sucklingpunkten ausgezeichnetTastingnote vom 3 Februar 2022 für den The Standish 2019 Single Vineyard Shiraz Barossa Valley::

Dan's 2016 The Standish Shiraz comes from a vineyard in the Greenock subregion. It's inky in color, loaded with plum, blueberry and raspberry fruit. Full-bodied. creamy-textured and rich, it's intense, concentrated and long beyond belief, picking up hints of licorice along the way. Nearly embryonic, it will need at least a couple of years to show more than the primary fruit.

98 Sucklingpunkte für den Standish The Relic 2019 Shiraz ViognierTastingnote vom 3. Februar 2022 für den Standish The Relic 2019 Shiraz Viognier:

Such concentrated blueberry and cherry aromas, as well as violets and fresh-earth aromas. This delivers an immediate sense of richness with chocolate in the mix, too. Very pure. The palate has a very resolved feel with deep, essence-like fruit flavors that hold a rich, plum and blackberry line that drives long and very even. This is really something. Drink over the next decade.

99 Sucklingpunkte für den Standish The Schubert Theorem 2019Tastingnote vom 3. Februar 2022 für den Standish The Schubert Theorem 2019:

Just incredible shiraz, this has the x-factor of purity and inherent complexity. So layered and so detailed. The aromas and flavors of intense blackberry, rich plum, blueberry and cherry fold over and over each other, together with plenty of spice and a flicker of dark stones. The palate is so saturated and so deeply set with dark fruit cascading long and lively on the finish. Stunning shiraz once again. Drink over the next decade.

The Standish 2019 Lamella Shiraz mit 97 Sucklingpunkten ausgezeichnetTastingnote vom 3. Januar 2022 für den The Standish 2019 Lamella Shiraz:

Very fragrant and richly fruited nose with red plum, licorice, blueberry and forest wood as well as a lightly peppery edge. The palate holds a plush and very intense edge of concentrated red plums, blueberries and mulberries, plenty of spice and a hint of chocolate at the fresh, long and focused finish. Drink over the next decade.

Die Standish Weine sind limitiert.
396,00 EUR
132,00 EUR pro l
The Standish 2020 Single Vineyard Shiraz Barossa Valley
Waldbeeren, Brombeere, Pflaume, Gewürze, Vanille und mehr - Yummy

96 Punkte vom Wine Advocate für denErin Larkin zum The Standish 2020 Single Vineyard Shiraz Barossa Valley (Mai 2022):

The 2020 The Standish Shiraz was made with fruit from the Laycock family vineyard, in Greenock. The first vintage was 1999. This vintage saw 30% whole bunches in the ferment. It offers notes of red dirt, a bit of blood, salted heirloom tomato and satsuma plum. This is concentrated, compacted, plush, dense and muscular, with notes of ras el’hanout, allspice, torched cinnamon and salted Dutch licorice. This wine is like playing "Magic Eye." There’s a lot going on, but if you relax, a pattern emerges and the detail becomes obvious for all to see. Within the fine but plushly tannic frame, there is saltbush and bay leaf, exotic spice and cascading layers of berry fruits. The dirt in which the roots are entangled similarly shows its colors—and these are red, ochre, earth and dust. At first glance, the foolish and the rash will overlook this for being singularly muscular and full-bodied, but like all the best IYKYK (if you know, you know—wink wink) scenarios, there is far more than meets the palate here. Another blockbuster Standish.

The Standish 2019 Single Vineyard Shiraz Barossa Valley mit 98 Sucklingpunkten ausgezeichnet Die Tastingnote vom James Suckling (Oktober 2022):
Amazing aromas of metal shavings, cloves, spices, and black and blue fruits. Violets, too. Full-bodied with creamy tannins. Cured meat with iron earth. Almost slatey. Very sophisticated and classy. Drinkable, but this is one to age ideally for a minimum of five years. Try after 2027.

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105,00 EUR
140,00 EUR pro l
Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020
"Meisterhafte Darbietung von Liebe zum Detail und Sorgfalt" (Erin Larkin)

99 Sucklingpunkte für den Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020Tastingnote vom Oktober 2022 für den Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020:

Unbelievable! Another insane wine. The length of this is endless. The blue fruits and Asian spices are mind-blowing. It’s medium- to full-bodied with a mouth full of polished and refined, creamy tannins. It goes on for minutes. Endless. Seamless and gorgeous. Leave this for years ahead if you can keep your hands off it. Better after 2025.

98 Punkte vom Wine Advocate für den Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020Erin Larkin bewertet für den Wine Advocate (May 2022):

The 2020 The Schubert Theorem Shiraz was made with fruit from the Roennfeldt Road vineyard in Marananga, with 70% whole bunches in the ferment. This is the only cuvée in the collection that sees any inclusion of a different maturation vessel: the northeastern corner of the vineyard goes into concrete, because it retains the pure blue fruit characters that so define the wine. When one considers the dirt that is in this vineyard (and I ask you, without dirt, just where would we all be?), when one sees its black, shaley sparkle, one can get a sense of what to expect in the wine. It is always the black, brooding beast of the pack, but there is always—and I repeat, ALWAYS—a core of very pure fruit at its heart. This year is no different, and it is encased in fine but structuring tannin. It soars long across the palate, and yet within it, this wine is elegant and pliable. If the Lamella is the intriguing, pretty wine, and The Standish is the savory powerhouse, then The Relic is the iron fist–velvet glove... which makes this the enigma. I cannot overstate how attracted I am to the prowling, slinking nature of it. The tannins here—of all the wines—have a blueberry skin gravel to them; they are chalky and fine and a little bit gritty… excellent. This is a sensation, in every respect. A hot contender for best wine in the release this year.

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105,00 EUR
140,00 EUR pro l
Standish The Relic 2020 Shiraz Viognier
Vom ungekrönten König des Barossa Valley Shiraz, Dan Standish

99 Sucklingpunkte für den Standish The Relic 2020 Shiraz ViognierTastingnote vom Oktobe 2022 für den Standish The Relic 2020 Shiraz Viognier:

A pretty sensational wine with blackberry, grilled meat, dark chocolate, and licorice. Full-bodied and layered with righteous deep and poised tannins that coat the mouth. It goes on for minutes. Crushed stone, slate. Asian spice. Original vines planted in 1912. Drinkable, but better after three or four years. Try after 2025.

99 Punkte vom Wine Advocate für den Standish The Relic 2020 Shiraz ViognierErin Larkin im Mai 2022:

The 2020 The Relic Shiraz-Viognier is made with fruit from the Hongell family vineyard in Krondorf, with 15% to 20% whole bunches in the ferment and 1% Viognier skins co-fermented. This is the best I’ve seen it. There’s something about the combination of the hot year and the diminished yields—it has recoiled and recompressed the Viognier on top of and into the Shiraz and brought them into balance/harmony. Beneath its floral and stone fruit guiles is a pool of savory, muscular, red-dirt Shiraz. There is bacon fat and pure berry fruit and spice for days… I’ve recently looked at a previous vintage of this wine alongside an older but immaculate Chateau d’Ampuis, and while their origins were clear in the glass, the Relic proved an Australian perspective more than relevant. The balance between the varieties—and the classic push/pull of sweet and savory—is more harmonious this year than in any I can remember, and the only thing I am more excited about when I consider this wine is what I will say next year, through the lens of an excellent, cool and elegant year. What a fine pair they will make.

Hier zur 4er Kollektion der Standish-Weine aus dem JG 2020
105,00 EUR
140,00 EUR pro l
Standish 2020 Lamella Shiraz Barossa Valley
Geballte Kraft und unergründliche Tiefe. Was für ein Wein.

98 Sucklingpunkte für den The Standish 2020 Lamella ShirazJames Suckling im Oktober 2022 zum The Standish 2020 Lamella Shiraz

The Eden Valley fruit gives a unique cool fruit character of blue fruits, iron and white pepper. Granite. Medium to full body, with tight and integrated skin tannins and a gunpowder undertone. Fantastic length. A little closed now. Drink after 2025.

97+ Punkte vom Wine Advocate für den The Standish 2020 Lamella ShirazErin Larkin verkostet und bewertet im Mai 2022:

The 2020 Lamella Shiraz was made with fruit from the Angas family vineyard in the Eden Valley (Hutton Vale Farm), with cuttings from the Mt. Edelstone vineyard, which is close by. It is made with 100% whole bunches in the ferment. "This is the last pick, and by that time the stems have fully lignified," said Dan Standish. It is floral, and granitic and minerally and über spicy all at once. It is the elegant wine of the lineup, thanks to the elevated vineyard and the cooling acid, but it also is possessed of a nuance and range of flavor that makes it distinct from the others. The Lamella has the breadth and range that the other two do not (making it neither better nor worse, just an observation), and it covers a lot of ground within that. It is shaley, and rocky and mineral, but it is also slightly herbal (there is fresh coriander and a hint of bay in there); the fruit is concentrated and pure and also has a splay of spice through the finish—licorice, star anise and a shake of allspice. Zoom out, and the wine has volumes of flavor and pillowy texture—it really does have it all. Due to the vintage conditions, I expected to be met by a dense wall of unforgiving flavor and tannin. Instead, it is possessed of a galaxy of flavor, pintucked into folds of texture and all of it spooling out over an interminable finish.

Hier zur 4er Kollektion der Standish-Weine aus dem JG 2020
105,00 EUR
140,00 EUR pro l

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Franz Hirtzberger Riesling Steinterrassen Smaragd 2020
94 - 96
94 Sucklingpunkte für denAm 4. Oktober 2021 notiert James Suckling:
Deep, stone-fruit nose with delicate honeysuckle and floral nuances. Ripe and concentrated with a wonderful interplay of peachy succulence, floral delicacy and mineral freshness. The first vintage of this dry riesling. Drink or hold.

Im aktuellen Weinguide Österreich 2020/2021 vergibt Peter Moser | Falstaff 94 - 96 Punkte (9. Juli 2021):

Helles Grüngelb, Silberreflexe. Zarte gelbe Tropenfrucht, ein Hauch von Maracuja, Nuancen von Mandarinen, floraler Touch, attraktives Bukett. Straff, engmaschig, weiße Frucht, rassiger Säurebogen, zitronig-salzig im Abgang, wirkt leichtfüßig, bleibt haften, wird von Flaschenreife profitieren.
Flaschenabbildung vom Original abweichend
42,50 EUR
56,67 EUR pro l
S.L.V. 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Stags Leap Wine Cellars

96 Sucklingpunkte für den S.L.V. 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Stags Leap Wine CellarsJames Suckling im September 2022:

Deep yet floral nose with pure cassis, blackberry and blueberry concentrate, as well as hints of sandalwood and pine. Quite ample on the palate, laden with velvety tannins in a mealy form. Rich and primary, yet juicy and supple. Densely packed. Approach from 2025.

95 Puntke vom Wine Advocate für den S.L.V. 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Stags Leap Wine CellarsLisa Perrotti Brown im September 2022:

The 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon S.L.V. features perfumed aromas of violets and cassis. It's medium to full-bodied on the palate, nicely elegant while being powerful and sturdy at the same time. No, it's not made in a modern, blockbuster style, but it's true to its heritage, with subtle herb shadings and a long, silky finish.


mit 95+ Punkten von Jeb Dunnuck bewertet S.L.V. 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Stags Leap Wine CellarsJeb Dunnuck im Februar 2023:

Pure crème de cassis, violets, and lead pencil shaving nuances emerge from the 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon S.L.V., a concentrated, structured, almost austere 2019 that has terrific balance as well as a great mid-palate. Possessing youthful tannins and remarkable purity of fruit, this ultra-classic, flawlessly put together Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon will benefit from 4-5 years of bottle age and keep for 20-25 years. Count me impressed – this is brilliant juice.
179,90 EUR
239,87 EUR pro l
Flaschenfoto Caymus Vineyards 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Caymus hat einen charakteristischen Stil, der von dunkler Farbe ist, mit reichen Früchten und reifen Tanninen – in der Jugend ebenso zugänglich wie in der späteren Reife mit etwas mehr würzigen Aromen. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1972 hat sich Caymus als beständiger Marktführer in der Produktion von Napa Valley Cabernet einen Namen gemacht. Die Trauben für den Cabernet von Caymus baut man in acht der 16 Unterappellationen von Napa an. Die grosse Stärke ist es dabei die Diversifizierung der Tauben und der Mikroklimata. Es ermöglicht in bestimmten Jahr den bestmöglichen Wein herzustellen. Der Caymus Cabernet bietet vielschichtige, üppige Aromen und Geschmacksrichtungen, darunter Kakao, Cassis und reife dunkle Beeren, sowie eine kühle Frische.

Natürlich ist es etwas schade, dass die Flasche nicht mehr für vier Dollar und fünfzig Cent über den Tresen geht als die Wagner Familie mit einer Jahrenproduktion von 250 Kisten im Jahre 1972 an den Start ging. Es ist eher ein Glücksfall für den Konsumenten, die Weine heute in einer sehr guten Verfügbarkeit im Markt zu bekommen, denn Sie verkörpern eigentlich noch heute den typischen Lifestyle der Amerikanischen Weinkonsumenten. Voll, reif, üppig und perfekt zum Steak oder etwas feines vom Grill.

105,00 EUR
140,00 EUR pro l
Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz Barossa Valley 2021
Der Bishop Shiraz 2021 ist der saftigste und verführerischste Rotwein im Weinsortiment von Ben Glaetzer. Nicht verleugnen kann der Bishop seine Kraft und intensive Frucht, aber das möchte er auch gar nicht. Der Bishop ist das Sinnbild eines Barossa Shiraz mit schwarzbeeriger Frucht, dunklen Schokoanklängen und einer süssen Kirsche in der Mitte.
92 Punkte vom Wine Advocate für den Glaetzer Bishop 2021 Shiraz Barossa ValleyJoe Czerwinski bewertet den Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz Barossa Valley 2021 am 31. August 2023 wie folgt:

The 2021 Bishop Shiraz is pristine, supple and concentrated. There are layers of mulberry, raspberry and salted licorice (red licorice, too) in the mouth, shaped by fine, pliable tannins. It is bendy like high-jump poles. This is really great value for money. It is reliably high quality, delivering a modern, satisfying Barossa experience. What more do you want? 14.5% alcohol, sealed under screw cap. 
24,90 EUR
33,20 EUR pro l
Trapiche Terroir Series Chardonnay Finca El Tomillo 2020 Gualtallary Valle de Uco
Spitzen-Chardonnay aus über 1.300 m Höhe

Dazu noch der Ausbau in Holz sowie Beton. Das kann nur einen Wein mit eleganter Struktur und knackiger Frische ergeben. Dazu feine Gewürznoten und einem Hauch von Mineralität.

Trapiche Terroir Series Chardonnay Finca El Tomillo 2020 Gualtallary Valle de Uco mit 97 Sucklingpunkte ausgezeichnetVerkostungsnotiz von James Suckling vom 9. August 2020:

This has a beautifully mineral and smoky character with aromas of flint, sea shells, dried pineapple, burnt lemon, charcoal, apricot stone, papaya, toasted bread and praline. It’s full-bodied with bright acidity and a racy, phenolic and energetic palate. Fantastic tension and concentration. Long and seamless. Drink or hold.
Trapiche hat sich seit seiner Gründung auf die Suche nach Terroirs mit außergewöhnlichem Potenzial zur Herstellung einzigartiger Weine gemacht, basierend auf einer Philosophie, die vom Reichtum der Vielfalt inspiriert ist. Terroir Series ist das Ergebnis dieser Suche. Eine Reihe von Exemplaren, die den besten Ausdruck des Terroirs in Malbec-, Cabernet Sauvignon- und Chardonnay-Trauben widerspiegeln und jedes Jahr von Daniel Pi, Chefwinzer von Trapiche, aus allen Herstellern ausgewählt werden.
30,50 EUR
Ziereisen Jaspis Chardonnay Nägelin 2019

"Meursault meets Chablis"

Für dem Jaspis Chardonnay verwendet Hans Peter Ziereisen nur die aller besten Paritien seiner Chardonnay. Natürlich wurde auch dieser weltklasse Chardonnay von Hand gelesen. Spontanvergärung und eine  Maischestandzeit tragen zur ungemeinen Komplexität und Struktur dieses Chardonnay bei. Für die 18 bis 22 Monate seiner Veredelung wurden gebrauchte Barrique verwendet, gefolgt von einer Abfüllung ohne jegliche Schönung oder Filtration. "Intensiv und kraftvoll, dennoch elegant, schlank und frisch. Er vereint geschliffene Mineralik mit floralen, nussigen und gelbfruchtigen Aromen. Salzige Mineralität, cremige und runde Textur. Langer Abgang." Soweit das Weingut. Und hier die Kritikerstimme:

96 Punkte vom Wine Advocate für denStephan Reinhardt schreibt im Juni 2022 zum Ziereisen Jaspis Chardonnay Nägelin 2019:

The 2019 Jaspis Chardonnay Nägelin opens with a deep, clear, bright, intense and elegant, initially beautifully oaky and substantial bouquet of crushed limestones and ripe, concentrated aromatic fruit. Full-bodied, complex and powerful on the palate, this is a dense, tight and elegant yet, most of all, refined and balanced Chardonnay, even if initially somewhat untamed and reductive. It reveals an expressive yet refined, elegant and sustainably tensioned character. This outstanding Chardonnay has power, intensity, grip and energy and fills each square millimeter of the palate. The finish is amazingly long and complex, still full of tension and stimulating salinity. The 2019 Nägelin is an amazing Chardonnay with 13.5% stated alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted from lot L 26 21 over a period 11 days in June 2022.
Übrigens: Jaspis bezeichnet im Hause Ziereisen Weine, die aus Trauben von alten Rebstöcken gekeltert worden sind. Der Jaspis ist ein Edelstein, der in der Region gefunden und so zu einem Symbol wurde, das perfekt den Begriff der alten Reben auf eigene Art und Weise ersetzt. Die Weine der Jaspis-Reihe sind geprägt von hoher Konzentration, immenser Ausdrucksstärke und der für die Weine Ziereisens typischen, animierenden Mineralik.


69,80 EUR
93,07 EUR pro l