Chateau Daugay - Saint Emilion Grand Cru

Chateau Daugay - Saint Emilion Grand Cru

In a beautiful landscape of prestigious vines as far as the eye can see, Château Daugay is located at the foot of the southern and sou- thwestern part of the Saint-Emilion slope. Like a lookout protecting the village, the 5.5 hectare estate takes its name from geai, meaning «jay». Records of the name Daugay go back more than 500 years. It comes from the presence of jays – called daou gay in local patois – that congregated on the hills and slopes that now bear this name. The inimitable strident cry of these birds with multi-coloured plumage warns their family that intruders have come into the forest. The Château is neighboured by Châteaux QUINTUS (before Tertre Daugay) and with which it has close family ties. Up until the French Revolution, the estate belonged to the Abbaye de Cèze. In 1909, it came into the hands of the Boüard de Laforest family, who owns Château Angélus Between 1946 and 1984, instead of being used for its own wine, the grapes from Château Daugay were used to produce wines for Angélus, which shows the greatness of the terroir at Château Daugay.

Château Daugay is a «rare bird» that was able to take off thanks to a family of enthusiastic winegrowers. They share a love for their terroir and freshly-picked grapes handed down from previous gene- rations. As managers of this beautiful estate, Hélène Grenié and her husband do their utmost to take advantage of their outstanding terroir and express its full potential. This entails draining the soil, green harvesting, leaf thinning, sustainable vineyard management, etc. They are fully aware that quality calls for unstinting efforts at every stage by the winemaking team, who seek nothing short of perfection. The Grenié family can count on their 3 children to take up the challenge and write a new page in the château’s history.

Château Daugay takes its inspiration from the methods used at Angelus combining ancestral expertise with cutting-edge technology, to draw the best out of the land and the grapes. This ongoing quest for quality incorporates a new vision of the vine, focusing on integrated methods.


Chateau Daugay 2015 Saint Emilion Grand Cru


Chateau Daugay 2015 mit 91 Punkten bei James Sucklinger bewertet den Chateau Daugay 2015 am 02.02.2018 wie folgt:

Spiced blueberry-biscuit aromas and mulberries and plums to boot. The palate has a very fresh. lithe and juicy feel with rich plum-fruit flavors amid open-knit. silky tannins. Try from 2020.

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